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The model of our Publishing House is an innovative one. No, we have not discovered the alchemist’s stone. We have followed closely the trends and the outcome in the today’s publishing. The big publishing houses are working with shortlist of authors already published. There is no place for new ones. The self publishing is a good and probably the only opportunity for the newcomers. Unfortunately, the new authors are rushing into self publishing with very less or no training. The result is almost always catastrophic. If the story is good, the typos and the design are compromising it or the other way around. Only exceptionally the balance is reached.

The way Blacklight Publishers have chosen is a though negotiation with both methods: the rigor of a traditional publishing house and the swiftness of a self publishing one. We are not a vanity house. The model we propose is a post paid service. We offer the new author all the help she / he needs at no costs, in editing, proofing, marketing, publishing, design, until the book hits the market. And we get paid if and only after the author gets paid herself / himself for her / his work.

The information we publish in this site is scarce not because we are hiding something: only because we like to keep the things minimalist: less talk, more work. If one wants more information, we make available for download almost everything one needs to know about us, from contract forms to real statistics. No movies with “successful” people smiling with plastic teeth. No heaps of money. The pulp of our work.

We can promise you a single thing: never forever a book will bear our registered logo without being read, edited, and proofed.

Please feel free to contact us for any kind of inquiry regarding our work. Our answer will be bluntly sincere.

Published books and incoming titles

Incoming title.

Scheduled for November 1st, 2012

Adult fiction epic novel

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Release date: 1st October 2012

Horror Short Story
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Incoming. Scheduled for December 23, 2012

Our Publishing House is interested in all genres of fiction.